Nebbiolo, Primitivo, Syrah, and Cabernet Blend grapes for sale.

Premium high-density vineyard (4 by 4 spacing VSP) in the Jackson Valley (Amador County) that is grown and maintained by hand. Fruit is thinned to 5 to 7 lbs per vine. Bird netted. Other than lime sulfur and sulfur dustings, grower uses little or no pesticide or fertilizer; chickens and no till cover crops provide all that is needed.  Quasi dry farmed. Dripped during the hot summer months and then only for 3 to 4 hours per week.  

Cluster and berry sizes are very small (most fit in the palm of your hand). The majority of the vines are 17 years old.  The soil ph is 5.1, the majority is grey clay with streaks of iron intermixed with round river rocks. For the past 16 years wines from these grapes are made without tartaric acid added. Wines finish with pH’s in the 3.5 – 3.6 and 14% alcohol range. Because of the soil structure our wines/grapes are very European, high tannin, high acid, with tons of fruit and mineral characteristics.  

We can hire a crew come pick if needed, or you can pick. Pick dates have historically been in second week in September for the Syrah and Nebbiolo, and the first week in October for the Primitivo and Cabernet.  1000 lbs min purchase.  Here is what is available:

2 tons Nebbiolo (clone 1 and 8, rootstock 101-14 and 5BB), price $2,400 per ton you pick/$2700 we obtain a crew.  Very Barolo like, lots of chalky tannins. 

2 tons Primitivo (Clone 3 and 5, rootstock 5BB), price $2,200 per ton you pick/$2,500 we obtain a crew.  The Primitivo is field blended.  It is about 80 Primitivo and 20 Pitete Sirah.  We can separate,  but the blend makes a much better wine – dark and inky with lots of fruit.

2 tons Syrah (Noir Clone, rootstock 5BB), price $2,200 per ton you pick/$2,500 we obtain a crew.  There is about 1% Viognier planted with the Syrah.  This wine is dark, peppery, with tannins.

1 ton cabernet blend (65% cabernet, 20% Merlot, 15% cab franc.  $2,400 per ton you pick/$2,700 we obtain a crew.  These grapes are very Bordeaux like. 

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