Sacramento Home Winemakers Annual Awards

It has been SHW’s long-standing tradition to recognize members or supporters who have given so much to the Club or demonstrated noticeable improvements in home winemaking. Five of these awards are decided upon by the Board of Directors, while the Winemaker of the Year Award is determined by a established calculation based on points. The Presidents award is given to the outgoing club president. All are presented at the annual SHW Holiday Dinner and Party. Click here to see the Historical Award Recipients.

Bob Beck Memorial Education Award

Bob and his wife Jo were long time members who traveled internationally and shared their many wine adventures with SHW through travelogues. Jo made the best treats from each country to accompany his talk about the wines. Additionally, at his home, Bob taught many new winemakers the basics of winemaking. This memorial award, also known as the Wine Educator of the Year award, is given to an individual who continues to teach and inspire  home winemakers.

Hal Ellis Memorial Award – For Service Above and Beyond the Crush.

This award recognizes members who have devoted un-waivering time, effort and dedication to the Club.  In addition to his continued volunteerism for the Club, Hal Ellis was known for making rather unusual wines. One fondly remembered (by just a few of us now!!) is Celery Wine!! He was awarded the first of these awards.

Stu Shafer Memorial Award – Most Improved Winemaker of the Year.

Stu use to make wine out of just about anything he could get his hands on. When Stu started making wine, his wine wasn’t so good. A fast learner, he was soon placing in competitions, and winning mostly golds consistently, making him the first recipient of the “Most Improved” Winemaker Award.

Rex Johnston Winemaker of the Year Award

To compete for SHW’s Rex Johnston Winemaker of the Year award, wines are entered into three competitions of which two are required.  One requirement is the SHW June Jubilee. Since there will be no California State Fair Home Wine Competition this year (see article on page 3 in The Grapevine), the other required 2021 home wine contest is the Orange County Fair Home Wine Competition.

Rookie of the Year Award 

Given for the first time posthumously to David Pinegar, in 2012 who in his last year helped his mother make wine out of the “tunas” or fruit of several cactus plants.  (He suffered from the experience for some days after the picking).  But the regular grape crusher stemmer made easy work of the fruit crushing! David was killed in a climbing accident before the wine was finished, but it won “Best of Fruit” in the Jubilee that year. David was actully not a rookie winemaker, he had made mead and other wines in his teeny room in Seattle Washington as a grad student.

Community Partner Award

A new category of awards for SHW begun 2013, this award recognizes people in the community who have been particularly helpful to the club and its members.

Presidents Award

Awarded to each SHW President at the conclusion of his/her year of Service. It is a “Half of a Gavel” on a plaque!

Click here to see the Historical Award Recipients.

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