White and Rose Wine Evaluations – February 17 Meeting (Zoom)

For the February 2021 meeting we will be doing white and rosé wine evaluations.  You will be tasting each wine in the safety of your own home.

Who can participate?

The meeting is open to all current 2021 paid members.

Who are the wine evaluators?

  • Kurt Burris, Wine marketing representative
  • Craig Haarmeyer, owner and winemaker at Haarmeyer Wine Cellars in West Sacramento

How will this work?

  • You will need to request to participate so we can reserve your samples (quantities are limited).
  • The wines will be separated into “individual” or “couples” size bottles. These will be divided up prior to the meeting, and you will be notified of when/where to pick them up.
  • Each wine will be color coded with a sticker on the bottle. In the meeting, we will let you know which color to pour into your glass.
  • You will be able to evaluate the wine at the same time as everyone else.

How to get your wine evaluated (we have room for two more):

Send an email to Donna Bettencourt at donnab1045@gmail.com no later than January 31 to arrange to drop off your wine (she will let you know where to drop off your wine and form).  We will need two 750ml bottles and the standard wine evaluation information form filled out and dropped off with the wine.  The form can be found here

Instructions for meeting participants:

Please register to reserve your wine samples at White and Rose Wine Evaluations, by January 31, quantities are limited.  We will have the following pickup sites – Robert Wharton (Roseville/Rocklin), Donna Bettencourt (mid-town), and Kevin Lemay (Folsom).

On the Monday, preceding the meeting, we will notify you that your samples are ready to be picked up as well as the address and times they are available.

During the meeting:

We will taste and evaluate the samples one by one just like we do in our ‘normal’ in-person meetings. The evaluators will be on the Zoom meeting and they will give their evaluations of the wine.

Let’s combine something new and old, and participate in our first ever virtual wine tasting evaluation!

If you have any questions please email Kevin Lemay at kklemay@comcast.net.

See you at the meeting!

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January 20 Meeting – Wine Wizard Alison Crowe

SHW’s first meeting in the new year brings Alison Crowe to the Zoom screen.  Not only is she the popular Wine Wizard of WineMaker magazine, Alison is also the winemaker for Garnet Vineyards and Director of Winemaking for Plata Wine Partners, Alison makes awesome pinot noir.

Request your meeting Zoom invitation from Donna Bettencourt at donnab1045@gmail.com.

We’ll submit your questions to Alison ahead of the meeting.  Email ginyangtaehlin@yahoo.com with your issue or inquiry. 

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Wine Barrel Care Guide for Home Winemakers

The Beverage People, Sonoma County’s one-stop wine making and all things fermentation supply store has updated their Wine Barrel Care Guide for Home Winemakers.  The 2021 publication covers what’s needed so that your barrels continue to help you make good wines even after years of use.  The guide’s topics include hydration, pH balance, cleaning, and dry and wet storage.

Access the guide by clicking on the link above.  On the SHW website, the link is located under the “More Resources” tab; choose “Barrel Care.”


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For Sale: New Glass

New cased glass bottles available for sale at $6 per case. There is an assortment of Burgundy and Claret designs with standard cork finish. All glass is warehoused locally.

Contact Charlie Havill at (209) 681-2103.

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Got Pests?

Be proactive this year and don’t let your vineyard get out of control. SHW member Paul Baldwin, who has been farming for a long time, brought to our attention one of the most complete resources on pest management.

What pests, you ask? Just about anything that can damage your vines and berries including insects, nematodes, weeds, birds and deer. Oh, yeah, there’s a section for diseases like powdery mildew and botrytis bunch rot.

The University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) focuses on managing pest problems with minimal impact on the environment. Growing a healthy crop can better manage pests in the long run. The resource covers pests for home gardens and landscapes, agriculture, and natural environments.

The link to IPM is in purple above and can also be found on SHW’s website at the “More Resources” tab. Choose Home Viticulture on the drop-down box.


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January 20 Meeting – Wine Wizard Answers Your Questions

Start off the new year by going into your winery and giving your wine some love!  Wait, what?  Your wine’s not tasting so good?  It’s smelling a little off?  Have some white fluffy stuff floating on top?  

The January 20 SHW meeting (Zoom starts at 7 pm) is your chance to access professional advice to get your wines, your cellar, and your vineyards back to where it should be. 

Alison Crowe returns as the guest speaker for the meeting.  In addition to offering home wine makers solutions in the cellar and vineyard as WineMaker magazine’s Wine Wizard, Alison makes award winning wines for Garnet Vineyards and is the Director of Winemaking at Plata Wine Partners

Please submit your wine making and home vineyard questions between now and the meeting to Gin Yang at ginyangstaehlin@yahoo.com. 

To receive a Zoom invitation to the meeting, please email Donna Bettencourt at donnab1045@gmail.com.



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We Want to Hear What You Want to Learn

We are looking for members to join the 2021 Education Committee!  This is a great opportunity for new and veteran home winemakers to provide creative ideas for the club’s monthly meetings. Share your concepts for fun and educational activities, such as the Chardonnay and Cider making groups.  

We’re planning evening committee meetings and you can participate in the comfort of your home via Zoom. If you show up on the screen with wine, dinner, jammies – we won’t judge! 

Please email Will at WiningWill@protonmail.com if you’d like to join us. 


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Memberships and Dues Payments Now On-Line

SHW members have asked for the ability to make Membership Application and dues payments on-line from the SHW website. That feature is now available!

You can fill out Membership Applications and make dues payments on-line or by printed hard copy and check.  Access for these options is on the new Memberships page (under the Members Resources menu item).

Three ways to remit your dues:

  • * Paying by PayPal or Credit Card On-line
  • Submitting an Application and a check for dues by USPS
  • Paying by check or cash at a SHW meeting (unfortunately not an option at this time)

 *  PLEASE NOTE:  you do not have to have a PayPal account to make your on-line payment. You will have the option to pay by credit or debit card, or your PayPal account.  Also, no financial information will be stored on the website. 

Paying by PayPal or Credit Card Online

Submit an on-line Membership Application form and pay your dues by PayPal or Credit Card by clicking here.

Application and Dues by Mail, or in Person

The 2021 SHW Membership Application Form can be downloaded by clicking here. It is a fillable PDF form and may be completed, printed and mailed back with a check to SHW’s Treasurer at the address below:

SHW Treasurer Wreatha Duverney  

10725 Sunrise Ridge Circle

Auburn CA 95603

or, bring the completed form and dues check to the next SHW meeting (hopefully soon).  The mailing address is also on the bottom of the membership form. 

Questions about membership?  Contact the Membership Chair Gin Yang at membership@sachomewine.com or 916 217-0294.  


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Ask The Wine Wizard – January 20, 2021 SHW Meeting

Happy New Year!

SHW is starting off 2021 with a bang! Napa winemaker Alison Crowe who is The Wine Wizard in WineMaker magazine is our guest speaker for the January 20 meeting.

We’re asking members to submit their wine making and related questions ahead of the January 20 meeting to make the most of this special Zoom meeting with The Wizard. Please send your questions to Gin Yang via email to ginyangstaehlin@yahoo.com or text to 916 217-0294.

Watch for a blog notice to receive the meeting’s Zoom invitation.

Also watch your in-box for an email from member Jim Garrett (info@sachomewine.com) who will be sharing details on the upgrades and enhancements that are being rolled out on the SHW website this weekend.


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For Sale Bon Vino Mini Jet Filters

Bon VinoMini Jet Filters

1-Coarse Filter set (3 ea)

4-Polishing Filters sets (3 ea)

4 Sterile Filter sets (3ea)

$22 dollar Value For $15.00. Call Judy Pinegar at (916-224-6742) judypinegar@gmail.com


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