Wine Analysis Service

SHW offers wine analyses of your wines for pH, TA, pH+TA, free SO2, malic acid to show completion of MLF, and alcohol by volume (abv).

Club member Bruce Currie,  a professional wine chemist, will be performing the tests by instrument.  A small fee is charged for each test to reimburse SHW for the cost of the equipment and the reagents used.  Bruce will be accepting wine samples at SHW’s monthly meetings and communicating test results via email.

Here’s the instructions for getting your wines analyzed:

  1. Complete this form:  wine-analysis-form-dec-2016
  2. Provide a minimum 50 mL sample of wine or juice to be analyzed. A small water bottle or other polyethylene (PET) bottle can be used for the samples.
  3. Label each sample bottle with your name and the sample name.
  4. Accompany sample with payment: cash or check (make check out to “SHW”).
  5. Bring your wine samples to the next monthly meeting.  Make sure your bottles don’t leak.

Questions?  Contact Bruce Currie at