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 Presentations & Resources from SHW’s Guest Speakers

Learn to Make Wine Vinegar  – July 6, 2021 meeting via Zoom.  Veteran winemaking and vinegar maker Brad Alderson shares his experience and knowledge on making wine vinegar using the traditional barrel-aged method.

Alison Crowe Answers Your Winemaking Questions – January 20, 2021 meeting.  WineMaker magazine’s Wine Wizard talked tannins, cold stabilization, acid, softening wines, SO2, and other wine making issues.  Click on the title for the video and audio recordings. 


What Happened in 2020? – November 18, 2020 SHW Meeting.  Guest speaker winemaker and viticulturist Jonathan Pack talks Beaujolais Nouveau and carbonic maceration, and takes questions on the perfect time to pick wine grapes.  Click on the title for the video and audio recordings.


Gadgets and Innovations – October 21, 2020 SHW Meeting.  Members shared their wine making items that makes it more fun to make wine.  Click on the title for the video and audio recording.


Matt DiVisconte / Lodi Wine Labs September 3, 2020 presentation materials:

What Do My Lab Results Mean?  Presentation by Matt DiVisconte

Matt DiVisconte, owner / manager at Lodi Wine Labs demystifies wine and juice analysis.  Cope and paste in your browser the link below to access the meeting’s resources:


 – Lodi Lab Test Results – this is the cheat sheet per line item explaining what the labs analyze.

 – What Do My Lab Results Mean?  – check out Matt’s Power Point slides.

 – zoom_0.mp4 – video and audio of the Zoom session.  The recording is 2+ hours long.

I Just Stomped My Grapes, Now What?   Presentation by John Troiano

SHW’s June 17, 2020 John Troiano’s presentation can be found in both audio-only and video formats at the google drive location listed, below. Using your favorite web browser, navigate to:


Once there, click (or double-click) on either “audio_only.mp4” or “zoom_0.mp4”. You should see a player appear on your screen and shortly thereafter the audio or video program will begin. John’s presentation is one-hour, forty-two minutes in length. So open a bottle, sit back and be informed.  The video can be paused and then continued by clicking in the middle of the screen. 

Please notify Robert Wharton (president@sachomewine.com) should you encounter any issues with the quality of the recordings.

John’s presentation handout (corrected) can be found at:   I Just Stomped My Grapesrev2020 Corrected 

Scott Harvey, winemaker and owner of Scott Harvey Wines: shares his wine making resources with home winemakers.

  • July 15, 2020 SHW Meeting Recording – Adjusting pH in Wine (the first few minutes of the meeting didn’t get recorded)
  • Scott’s Toolbox for Wine Adjustments is an  interactive Excel spreadsheet with formulas for making adjustments.  
  • Have winemaking questions? Ask Scott at scott@scottharveywines.com.
  • Scott and Scott Harvey Wines’ assistant winemaker Mollie Haycock have created a series of wine making chemistry and wine sensory videos:

Determining Free SO2 by Aeration

Testing for Volatile Acidity by Cash Still 

Adjusting pH and Acidity Levels

Testing for alcohol using an Ebulliometer and testing pH

The Perfect Moment – Scott shares what he’s looking for in the grapes before harvesting.

Tasting wine like a wine judge 

Austrian Wines presentation by Scott Harvey, February 20, 2019 SHW meeting: Scott Harvey Austrian Wines Presentation 02 20 19


Hoby Wedler, sensory scientist, UC Davis doctoral graduate:  hobywedler@gmail.com; 707 338-3692.

Fermentation Frenzy! Bob Peak’s September 20, 2017 PowerPoint presentation on fermented foods and beverages including sourdough bread, cheese, meat, vegetables, beer, cider, mead and wine.

Additives and Their Effects.  Matt DiVisconte, Lodi Wine Labs.  July 19, 2017 PowerPoint presentation on wine additives and their impact on your wines.