Chemistry Notes

Fermentation Chemistry – John Troiano 8/17/2016

I Just Stomped My Grapes Revised – (easy wine chemistry with a ph meter and some chemicals) meeting presentation handout (revised version).  John also referenced two documents during his presentation:

Lallemand-Malolactic-Fermentation – this reference discusses malo-lactic fermentation published by the company Lallemand which produces yeast and bacteria;

hannaphebook-6-23.original (2) – this “Measuring pH in Wine” guide is provided by Hanna Instruments, manufacturer of analytical instrumentation.

Also Click to download the  Sacramento Home Winemakers’ Manual (revised 10/31/11).
Tables are provided for quick, easy additions of chemicals to wine.

  • Household Measurements such as tablespoons, cups, etc. for those who may be aspiring scientists but who do not own scales, volumetric flasks or other snobby scientific paraphernalia.
  • Metric Equivalents for the real scientist types – need I say more?

The procedures have been taken from presentations given by SHW member’s Bob Scobey, Philip Lieberman and John Troiano. A table has also been reprinted from the UC publication on making table wines. Use the following menu to jump to the section of interest within this document.

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