2024 SHW Jubilee

Sacramento Home Winemakers

 2024 Jubilee Wine Competition Rules and Information

Date of Competition:  Saturday, May 18, 2024


The 2024 Jubilee Wine Competition is open to members in good standing of the Sacramento Home Winemakers (SHW), Inc. 

  • Entries are limited to wines produced by members of SHW, Inc. who are not the owners, winemakers or employees of licensed commercial winemaking concerns, except as set forth below.  Members who are owners, winemakers or employees of commercial winemaking concerns, but who are otherwise qualified, may submit wines for competition provided that such wines are made and bottled prior to the effective date of their commercial license.
  • If you are making your wine as a team with other club members, please give your team a name. Each member of the stated team must be a SHW member at the time of entry.

(Note that if you are planning to compete for the SHW Winemaker of the Year award, you must enter at least two separate and distinct wines related to varietal and vintage AND use the exact same team name when you enter wines into the Jubilee and other competitions. Be consistent – team name The Lees is not the same as team name Jill and Jack Lee.)

How To Enter

  • You may enter as many wines as you like.  An entry is defined as one (1) 750 milliliter bottle.  For sparkling wines, an additional bottle (at least 375 ml) is recommended to maintain sparkle for later judging rounds.
  • First entry is free; subsequent entries are $10. 
  • Do not use capsules or wax of any form on bottles.
  • Entries are accepted online.

Complete the 4-step online process to enter your wines:

Step 1:  Register yourself or team.  If two or more members are entering a wine, choose a team name and identify team members.

Step 2:  Register your entry wine.  Use the same entrant name as in Step 1. 

– A drop down list is provided for specifying each classification, varietal, vintage, % blends, etc. 

– 75% of a varietal shall be classified as that varietal.

– Use the “Additional Notes About This Wine” box to list a county or AVA not found on the drop-down.

– If entering several wines of the same year and varietal, designate a different lot for each wine (e.g., 2022 Albarino Lot A, 2022 Albarino Lot B); or briefly state additional information about the entry wine.

Step 3:  Pay for your entries when you are finished entering your wines.  Follow the directions to make payment and to finalize your entries.  You do not need a PayPal account to make payment; you can do so as a guest.

Step 4: Affix your email confirmation to the entry. After registering your wines online, you will receive an entry confirmation via e-mail. Use this confirmation e-mail as your bottle label and securely affix it to your entry.  If your entry is a white wine, please cover the label with clear packing tape as the wine will be refrigerated.

Entry Dates and Drop-Off Locations

Entries open online on the SHW website on March 13 and close April 17 at 9 pm.  Wine entries must be registered and paid for online, unless a specific request is made.  Note that you do not need to be a Pay Pal member to pay for wines on line; you may pay as a guest. 

Plan ahead!

  • Registered entries will be accepted at the Club’s March 20 and April 17 monthly meetings.  On those meeting nights, entries will be accepted in the parking lot of the Turn Verein up until 7 pm.  If showing up after 7 pm, advise the appropriate person at the meeting to arrange for drop-off after the meeting in the parking lot downstairs.  Please do not bring your entries to the meeting room.  More details will be in Club blog posts.
  • Entries will also be accepted at regional drop off locations in, Granite Bay, Citrus Heights, Auburn and Sacramento.   Deadline for drop offs is April 17, 5 PM.  Please call ahead to make arrangements.

Mike Menard, Granite Bay, 279-465-7565

Donna Bettencourt, Sacramento, 916-548-3199

Joe Morgan, Citrus Heights, 916-439-7205

Brew House Supply, Auburn, 916 402-4227

Judging and Awards

The modified California State Fair Home Winemaking Judging Protocol will be used.  Each wine will be judged on its own merits by a panel of 3 judges and awarded double-gold, gold, silver, bronze, honorable mention, or no award.  Awards are also given for Best of Class, Best of Division, and Best of Show.  A minimum of three entries in a classification is required to be judged as a class. The Chief Judge may collapse or expand published classes and make adjustments as necessary.

Results will be announced at the Jubilee Picnic and Awards Ceremony on Sunday, May 19 and certificates for Best of Class, Best of Division, and Best of Show winners will be awarded at the Jubilee Picnic. 

At the July Club meeting, Best of Show and Best of Division winners will receive their medals (Best of Class receive certificates only).  Individual awards will also be available at the July meeting.

Judging sheets will be available at the May 19 picnic and June – July monthly meetings. 

The competition’s results will be published on the Club’s website.

Please contact Chief Judge Gin Yang at ginyangstaehlin@yahoo.com or 916 217-0294 with questions.

These competition rules and information, along with divisions and classifications, and entry forms, are available on the Club’s website at https://www.sachomewine.com.

Sacramento Home Winemakers

2024 Jubilee Wine Competition

Divisions and Classifications

Division 1 – White WinesRed Wines con’t.
101 Chenin Blanc220 Red Rhone Blends- Specify
102 Albariño230 Red Italian Blends- Specify
103 Verdelho240 Red Bordeaux Blends-Specify
104 Sauvignon Blanc250 Misc Red Blends- Specify
105 Chardonnay260 Misc Reds- Specify
106 Viognier270 Miscellaneous Red – SS
110 White Bordeaux Blend – Specify280 Miscellaneous Red – S
111 White Rhone Blend – Specify 
112 Miscellaneous White – D – Specify 
113 Miscellaneous White – SS – Specify 
114 Miscellaneous White – S – SpecifyDivision 3 – Rosé Wines
Division 2 – Red Wines300 Rosé – Specify
 310 Rosé – SS – Specify
201 Pinot Noir 
202 Sangiovese 
203 GrenacheDivision 4 – Sparking Wines
204 Tempranillo400 Sparkling Wine – Specify
205 Mourvedre 
206 ZinfandelDivision 5 – Fruit – Vegetable Wnes
207 Primitivo500 Seed Fruit – Specify
208 Cabernet Franc520 Stone Fruit- Specify
209 Merlot530 Berry – Specify
210 Malbec540 Other Fruit – Specify
211 Cabernet Sauvignon550 Vegetable- Specify
212 Syrah 
213 BarberaDivision 6 – Dessert Wines
214 Touriga610 Dessert – ≥ 5% RS – Specify
215 Petit Verdot620 Dessert – Fortified -Specify
216 Petite Sirah 
Legend / Notes:
Residual Sugar (RS):   Dry <1%| Semi-Sweet <5% | Sweet ≥ 5%
Single Varietal Classifications: minimum of 75% of specified varietal
Blends Classification: minimum of 75% of blend must be comprised of specified varietals (e.g., an Italian blend must have a minimum of 75% Italian varietals).