For those of you who participated in SHW’s July 15 webinar meeting featuring winemakers Scott Harvey and Mollie Haycock of Scott Harvey Wines, you’ll remember Scott referring to software that’s made available to SHW.

Located on the SHW website page Speaker Resources, this “software” is an interactive Excel workbook loaded with formulas to help you calculate quantities when making adjustments to wines.  Also on the same page are a series of  lab videos created by  Scott and Mollie demonstrating equipment and processes used to measure and make adjustments.

We appreciate Scott Harvey and Mollie Haycock’s continued support of SHW and the home wine making community.  Appreciation is also extended to Jana Harvey for facilitating the meeting, to Club members Marco Sguazzin and Scott Elliott for volunteering their wines as test subjects, and to Club member Donna Bettencourt for bringing the multiple facets of the meeting together.

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