Group Crush: Cabernet Sauvignon – Great Bear Vineyards, Davis, CA – Sustainable & Organic Grapes

Family Vineyard. SHW Members Jenny and Marcus Meadows-Smith of Great Bear Vineyards will be doing a group crush for SHW members on Saturday, September 28 or October 5. (The date might move +/- one week depending on the development of the grapes. Target is to pick at around 24.5 BRIX). If you wish to do your own crush/destem, then GBV can pick grapes on most dates.

Their vineyards have produced award-winning wines both in commercial and home wine competitions. $1 lb. 100 lb minimum.

Contact info: Marcus at 530 574 1516 or email

P.S. Jenny & Marcus will also be running a group crush/destem for their award-winning Rosé of Cabernet Sauvignon in August.