Ken Musso, grower and winemaker, recently grafted over some Syrah vines, which has resulted in a small Cinsault crop.  Ken proposes that the first leaf Cinsault might be a fun project for SHW members to make rosé.  Ken writes:

“…The vineyard is at 1650′ elevation, in Gold Hill, northwest of Placerville in El Dorado County.  We farm organically, but full disclosure we did use a small amount of fungicide along with wettable sulfur in the first spray due to the very showery late May early June. We now have switched to organic Stylet oil. Beneficial insect release was completed in early June…”

Since this is the Cinsault’s first year, the grapes are discounted to $1500 / ton.  Ken estimates that 1.5-3 tons may be available.  The price is picked by hand, usually by 2:30 a.m.; ready for pick up by 6:30 a.m.  Grapes are expected to be ready for rosé in late September or for red wine in early October.

A few tons of Nero d’ Avola and Refosco are available for the first time.  Price: $2,200 / ton.  Minimum purchase:  2 tons.

If interested, please contact Ken Musso at 916-990-6259.