Family Vineyard. SHW Members Jenny and Marcus Meadows-Smith of Great Bear Vineyards offers their grapes for sale to club members. Their vineyards have produced award-winning wines both in commercial and home wine competitions.

Grape Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon

Listing date:13 May 2023

Pricing: $1/1b   sustainable;  $1.50/lb organic

Estimated Pick Date : Mid Sept 24.5 B

Min/Max: 100lb and up to 2 tons

Who picks: Grower

Age of vines: Planted 2014

Rootstock: 1616C, 3309C


Location: Davis CA  (Western Yolo County/Solano border)

Contact info :Marcus 530 574 1516   email,

Other: We have a Home Winemaker Harvest Day where we can crush and destem for you.