Executive Board & Board of Directors

2023 Executive Board

Elected Positions                             

President:  Kevin Lemay
916-605-6620   president@sachomewine.com

Vice President: Marco Sguazzin
650-504-3133  marco.sguazzin@gmail.com

Treasurer:  Landon Tymochko
916-879-6664   treasurer@sachomewine.com

Secretary:   Mike Menard
916-791-5087   menardm@surewest.net

Membership Co-Chair:   Gin Yang
916-217-0294   membership@sachomewine.com

Membership Co-Chair:   Tammy Cross
916-862-1753   membership@sachomewine.com

Member At Large: Bruce Currie
916-448-4244   blcurrie56@hotmail.com

Member At Large: Byron Froman
530-219-1975   befroman@gmail.com

Member At Large: Terry Piazza-Perham
916-600-0242   tpiazza600@gmail.com

Member At Large: Christa Ring
916-798-5982 cmring@citlink.net

Member At Large: Thad Rodgers
916-715-3688   thadrodgers1@gmail.com

Past President:  Robert Wharton
916-223-4289 rocklinengineer@yahoo.com

2023 Board of Directors and Nominating Committee                        

Gary Young, Past President 2013 and Historian
916-451-3893    gycats@earthlink.net

Donna Bettencourt, Past President 2017
916-548-3199   donnab1045@gmail.com

Joe McGillivray, Past President 2018 – 2019
916-261-9438   pyramidlake59@gmail.com

Robert Wharton, Past President 2020-2021
916-223-4289  rocklinengineer@yahoo.com

Kevin Lemay, Current President
916-605-6620   president@sachomewine.com