For several years, WineMaker magazine has offered a one-year print subscription to SHW as a group at a special rate. The subscription was folded into the annual Club membership dues at no extra cost to members.  Last October, we confirmed with the magazine’s publisher on the continuation of the group rate. However, a couple of weeks ago, WineMaker magazine informed the Club that they are no longer offering the print-only subscription at the group price effective immediately. Thus, the Club does not have a discounted magazine subscription to pass on to 2024 Club members.

WineMaker magazine now offers Club members a discount on another subscription option. From the magazine’s publisher:

“WineMaker Magazine has changed how they are handling their 50% discount winemaking club member program with SHW to allow individual members to control their own accounts. This year, you will need to place the order yourself on the website and use a special 50% discount coupon code. The print subscription has now been combined with full online digital content access called WineMaker+ and is no longer available as a stand-alone order.

First go to this link.

When ordering please enter Coupon Code “club24” to save 50%. This 50% Coupon will automatically stay in place on your account as long as you want to continue your WineMaker+ membership in future years.

The print subscription issues that are part of the WineMaker+ membership will be added to your current print subscription and extend out your expire date by another year.

Any questions? Please email”

Please note that if you are subscribed to the print subscription via the Club, the subscription ends with the April-May 2024 issue. 

We apologize for any inconvenience.