Join your fellow SHW members in an interactive, educational journey in learning to make white wine.  Whether you have never made white wine before or have made one or two white wines and want to learn more, this focus group is for you.

We will begin by meeting in person in June for white wine tasting and snacks, followed by a series of zoom meetings in July.  We have available to us 1-2 tons of Grenache Blanc, a lovely white Rhone varietal.  We will do a pre-harvest vineyard walk through in July and meet for a group crush most probably in August. You will be matched with mentors post harvest but we will stay in contact through a group email.

In March of 2025 we will come full circle and meet again to taste our wines together (with snacks of course).

If you are interested or have questions, contact Donna Bettencourt at and please answer these questions by April 10.

1. Have you made a white wine previously?

2. How many pounds of grapes would you like? (Figure 135 lbs yields 5 gallons finished wine)

Happy Winemaking!