Introduction to the New SHW Membership Website

What’s New With Our Website?

As you’ve probably read in posts and emails sent during the past month, the Sacramento Home Winemaker’s website is being converted to a “membership” site. What does this mean?

First, a little background. History has shown that some people take advantage of our site by downloading files supplied by a program presenter, or acting on equipment for sale advertised in a new blog post that was meant for members; Non-members getting the rewards of deals meant for members first. This type of activity is unfair to members who actually support the club.

Restricted Content

So, rather than the whole site, and all its content, being available to all who come to the site through their web browser, some of the content will be restricted to only Active (dues paying) SHW members. Some pages, posts and downloadable files, currently accessible to all, will be restricted, and thus, available to only logged in members. Some posts, such as equipment for sale, will be available for members for a certain amount of time before being viewable to all site visitors.

Membership List

All Active Members will now be listed on a restricted Members List showing their email addresses so others can communicated more efficiently. Members will have the option to not show their contact information, if they wish to do so.


In the next phase of the website development, Forum functionality will be available for active members, and will allow for the interaction between members about winemaking, viticulture, other topics of interest to the members. This will be available on the same basis as the restricted content. You will have to be logged in to participate. You will be contacted when this is available.

How to Log In

You should have received an email with your website log in credentials. Please enter your User Name and Password exactly as indicated in the email. These are case-sensitive, so, use the capital letters, if indicated. If you have not received your credentials, please contact our “web techie”, Jim Garrett at .

If you are not logged in there will be visible, a new menu item on the upper right of the header named Login.

If you see this choice, click on Login and enter your User Name and Password. Once logged in, the restricted areas will be available to you. You will remain logged in until you click the Logout menu choice, or, exit your browser.

How to Log Out

If you are logged in, there will be visible, a new menu item on the upper right of the header named Logout.

If you see this choice, click on Logout and you will be logged out of the website, and the restricted areas will not be available to you.

Your Account

If you are logged in, there will also be visible, a menu item on the upper right of the header named Account. You can make changes to your user account by clicking this link, and modify your data as necessary

Problems or Questions?

If you have problems logging in, or have other questions regarding the new website membership functionality, please contact our “web techie”, Jim Garrett at . He will test your credentials and get back to you with instructions as to how to proceed.

Also, keep in mind that only Active members will have access to the restricted content. If you fail to pay your dues by the cut-off date for next year, your account will be made Inactive, and the restricted content will not be available until your dues are paid.