Membership Benefits

Your membership entitles you to:

  • access to monthly meetings, workshops, field trips, virtual sessions, wine making and vineyard mentors, and social events
  • participation in members-only activities including:
    • SHW’s Jubilee wine competition and picnic – awards ceremony
    • Winemaker of the Year competition
    • group buys for grapes, glass, barrels, oak cubes, corks, etc.
    • New Winemakers crush
    • workshops and seminars – sensory, Winemaking 201, cider making, fruit wine making
    • wine testing and analysis by Club’s chemist
    • rent Club equipment: destemmer-crusher, press, scale
  • email notification of blog updates including grapes and wine making equipment for sale
  • attend special events at member pricing
  • Discounts:

Questions about membership? Contact the Club’s co-membership chairs: Gin Yang, or Tammy Cross,

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