2021 Jubilee Wine Competition Rules


The 2021 Jubilee Wine Competition is open to only members of the Sacramento Home Winemakers (SHW) organization. These competition rules and instructions are also available on the Club’s website at www.sachome.com (Note, if you are planning to compete for the SHW Winemaker of the Year award, you must enter at least two separate and distinct wines relative to varietal and vintage.) If you are entering your wine as a team with other club members, please give your team a name and use that same team name when you enter the wines in other competitions.

Entries are limited to wines produced by members of SHW in good standing who are not the owners, winemakers or employees of licensed commercial winemaking concerns. The exception to this is members who are owners, winemakers or employees of commercial winemaking concerns, who are otherwise qualified, may submit wines for competition provided that such wines are made and bottled prior to the effective date of their winemaker’s license.

How To Enter:

This year entries will be registered and entry fees paid on-line via a link on the SHW website:

  1. There is no limit to the number of wines you may enter. An entry is defined as one (1) 750 milliliter bottle. For sparkling wines, an additional bottle (at least 375 ml) is recommended to maintain sparkle for later judging rounds.
  2. Do not use capsules or wax of any form on bottles.
  3. Complete the on-line Jubilee registration form with your information and list each wine entered. A drop down list is provided for specifying each varietal, vintage, notes, etc. If entering as a team of two winemakers, both names may be listed. If more than two members are entering the wine, chose a team name and you will be considered a team. After you register your wines on-line, you will receive an entry confirmation via e-mail. Please take note of the unique entry number for each bottle/entry and ensure each bottle is labeled with the correct entry number. If entering several wines of the same year and/or varietal, designate a different lot number for each wine (i.e., 2001 Syrah Lot A, 2001 Syrah Lot B). Ensure that the information on the registration form and the wine bottle labels match.
  4. First entry fee is free; subsequent entries are $8.00 each.
Dates for Entering Wines:

Entries accepted from August 18th through September 15th. Wine entries must be registered and paid for either on-line or check. We strongly recommend that you pay via PayPal. Note that you do not need to be a PayPal member to pay for wines on-line but can pay as a guest.

Entries will be accepted at regional drop off locations in Sacramento, Roseville, and Granite Bay. Entries must be paid for and received at drop off sites by September 15, 2021. If you have to pay by check you must pay at the time that you drop off your wines.

Please contact Mike Menard at (279) 465-7565 for any questions regarding payments. Please contact Donna Bettencourt at (916) 548-3199 for any other questions.

Awards and Results:

The modified California State Fair Home Winemaking Judging Protocol will be used. Chief Judge reserves the right to collapse or expand published classes. Results will be announced at the Jubilee Picnic on Sunday, October 10, 2021. Certificates for class winners, division winners, and Best of Show will be awarded at the Jubilee Picnic on Sunday and will also be published on the SHW website. Rosettes will be awarded at the November SHW meeting.