Home Wine Competitions

Entering your wines into competition is a great way to get feedback on your wines. In addition to ribbon or medal bling to show off in your cellar, most home wine competitions provide judging sheets with written notations from the evaluating judges.

For 2024, the Club’s Winemaker of the Year Award requires entries into two home wine competitions: SHW’s Jubilee and the California State Fair, and a third recognized competition.

Sacramento Home Winemakers Rex Johnston Winemaker of the Year Competition – entries close November 30.


Sacramento Home Winemakers Jubilee Wine Competition – May 18-19, 2024. Watch for the details.

2024 WineMaker Magazine International Amateur Wine Competition – entries close March 15, 2024.

Alameda County Amateur Wine Competition – entries open January 1 and close March 1, 2024.

California State Fair Home Wine Competition – entries open February 1 and Close February 29, 2024. Details to follow.