Grapes available for 2024 harvest:

  • 3 tons tempranillo – planted in 2014
  • 2 tons sauvignon blanc – planted in 2016
  • 1 ton of petite sirah – planted in 2012

Vineyard is in Chicago Park between Colfax and Grass Valley off Highway 174 in Nevada County. Vineyard cultivation is all natural and sustainable with a focus towards organic. Only organic sulfur and Stylet Oil products are used; no pesticides used on the property or near the dwelling areas. Entire vineyard is personally hand manicured by the owners.

$2,000 per ton. Growers understand the needs of small home winemakers and are willing to sell lower quantities with a minimum of 200 lbs. up to 1-2 tons, depending on availability. Buyer picks. Grower can pick for $1.25 lbs. Grower currently accepts cash or checks.

Contact Raymond Frescas at 406 306-6883 or Geri Frescas at 408 504-4063.