Frescas Farms in Grass Valley has Tempranillo again as a discounted group crush

The vineyard is located in Grass Valley off of Hwy 174 and situated 1/2 way between Colfax and downtown Grass Valley. Elevation ~ 2,500 ft. 

  • Varietal: Tempranillo
  • Available volume for purchase: 1.5 tons 
  • Farming practices: Organic, regenerative 
  • Applications: Organic sulfur, organic stylet oil and organic compost matter 
  • Availability: Early to mid September (group crush date TBD depending on Brix target of 24-25) 
  • Minimum volume purchase: None 
  • Price per Pound: 70¢ – buyer picks 
  • Grower provided materials: plenty of lug picking bins, professional weight scale and crusher/destemmer on site 
  • Buyer required materials: pruners & containers to transport must and/or grapes home 

BONUS: make it a fun and memorable pick & crush season by booking Fresca Farms newly remodeled onsite Airbnb!!  Inquire for more details. 


Geri & Raymond Frescas 

Frescas Farms & Vineyard