Old Vine Syrah – rare legacy rootstock from Lilly Langtry planted in 1980s – 20 tons available. The older vines of the Syrah were planted in 1985 on rootstock dating back to 1880s, a rare legacy rootstock from the Lilly Langtry Vineyard that originated in France. It is a low-yielding vineyard, with roughly 1 ton/acre. The newer vines of the Syrah planted in 2001 came from budwood from McDowell vineyard, grafted to 12A rootstock, and yields about 2 tons/acre.  Harvest:  1st half of September.

Tannat (Clone 474) planted in 2001 – 10 tons available. The Tannat was also planted in 2001, Clone 474, which is an ENTAV selection from France. Yield is 3 tons/acre. Harvest:  2nf half of September.

The grapes from the vineyard have been sold to various wineries in the immediate area and the Napa Valley such as Turkovich, Rosenblum, and Orin Swift.  Certified Sustainable.  All hand harvested by grower.

$1,800 ton.  $1 / lb with 500 lb minimum.

Contact: Marie at 530-304-3556
Collina De Bella (www.collinadebella.com)