Making Fruit Wine Class – Saturday, August 7, 2021 with Judy Pinegar

Want to try something new? It is a Fruit Wine Making Class, taught classroom style for the initial learning complete with talking about important tools and tricks of the trade. 

Following that, there is several rotating hands on instruction for: 1) Fruit processing for wine making, 2) racking fruit wine, 3) sweetening, stabilizing and bottling fruit wine, and 4) Enjoying a potluck with fruit wines (bring your own if any)

The class is located in Judy’s “semi” air conditioned barn. Class starts at 10 AM and ends at 12 or 12:30 PM. It will be potluck, so bring something to share.

“Remember making fruit wine is not as easy as regular grape wine, it truly is a labor of love and a lot of work, but oooh the results!!”

Contact Judy : or 916-652-5198

Free for SHW Club Members, but participation is limited. This form will be removed once the class limit has been reached. Sign up below… now!