For Sale: Wine Making Equipment

From SHW member, Jim Garrett…

Good friends of mine here in the foothills, Mary and Randy Woolwine, are moving on to other adventures, and wish to sell their complete trove of winemaking equipment. They’d like to sell all the items as a package for $2,500.00.

This appears to be a bargain, particularly since Randy has kept all items in pristine condition, and all are only about 4 years old.

1. Enotecnica Pillan Electric crusher/de-stemmer
2. Steidel 40 liter vertical bladder press
3. Buon Vino Super Jet filter/pump
4. 3 x100 liter Toscana Inox variable capacity stainless steel tanks with stands and valves
5. Husky base and upper tool box with miscellaneous tools, stoppers, hoses and other supplies for wine making
6. 4 x 32 gallon food grade containers for fermenting wine
7. Vinmetrica SC-300 SO2, pH & TA Analyzer Kit
8. Portugese Floor Corker
9. CO2 Tank and gauges
10 Burette stand with holders
11. Two glass carboys (1 x 6 gal and 1x 3 gal) and 12 clean 5 gallon buckets for picking and grape transport
12. Bottle washing and drying equipment
13. Single and double 30 gallon barrel racks (no barrels)
14. Stainless punchdown tool
15. 12 wine bottles

Get in touch with Randy, if you are interested.

Randy Woolwine

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