SHW is partnering with Folsom Lake College’s (FLC) Viticulture and Enology program to expand vineyard and wine making knowledge for both students and Club members.

FLC offers free wine analysis to industry partners and local wineries and extends that free service to SHW members. The analysis is performed with the Lyza 5000 FTIR Wine and Must Analyzer. Currently, a basic wine panel is offered that Includes Alcohol, pH, TA, Malic, Residual Sugar, and VA. Please note that the analyses offered do NOT include Free, Bound or Total SO2. Testing and sample drop-off is at FLC’s El Dorado Center in Placerville.

Clare Kessler, adjunct faculty member at FLC is performing the tests. Before making testing arrangements with her, please review the Lyza 5000 Flyer and Lyza Drop0Off Instructions.