Copy of Winemaking Equipment Rental Program

For all equipment reservations, please click this button to fill out the reservations form. (You must be logged in to see the button.)

PLEASE NOTE: Club equipment can only be rented by currently Active SHW members. Reservations are handled on a first come, first served basis with a signed “Release Agreement” on file ( see form link below).  Please note that during harvest, there are heavy demands for the same pieces of equipment.  Thanks for cooperatively scheduling multiple users on the same days.

Scale for Weighing Grapes – RENTAL FEE – $10. + $10. deposit

Scale can be made to tare to container, and weigh up to 400 pounds.

Destemmer‐Crusher – RENTAL FEE – $25. + $25. deposit

Basket Press  – RENTAL FEE – $10. + $10. deposit  for *Individual use.  

* However, for Group Buys, please add $.05 cents per pound to the charges to participants and remit that amount to the Treasurer (for destemmer-crusher and basket press).

Please help keep Club equipment in optimum shape for everyone to use.

■ Thoroughly clean and return equipment within agreed time. 

  • Deposit will not be returned if equipment needs further care attention. 
  • Rental privileges will be revoked if equipment is returned uncleaned.

■ Notify equipment coordinator of equipment malfunctions or damage.

■ Schedule thoughtfully during peak season as several members may need to borrow the equipment on the same day.

Bottling and Corking – check out this video presented by the Dawsons, members of Cellarmasters of Los Angeles home wine making club. No special equipment needed.