Forms for Reimbursement of Club Expenses

Please use these form for all deposits and request for reimbursement for SHW related expenses. This procedure will allow timely deposits to the bank, track where our money comes from and goes (track our budget), and get you paid back for any “approved” money you send out of pocket.

Use this form to deposit money you collect on behalf of the club. (Examples: Monthly Meetings, Winemaker 101, Jubilee competition)
– Fill in the Name of the person who Paid (Joe Blow),  Y / N whether they are a SHW member or not (effects our Tax Status, I need to track all non-member income), $ amount, mark Cash or Check, describe Why they gave you $$ (Membership dues, corkscrew, seminar ticket, etc)
-Fill in the Event (Feb Monthly Meeting) you collected the $$ at, and Total amount collected.
– Sign and Date
Please mail the form and the money to SHW Treasurer, Wreatha Duverney, 10725 Sunrise Ridge Circle, Auburn CA 95603-6041;  with 5 days of the event.  If you are uncomfortable sending cash, you may keep the cash and write a check to SHW for the cash amount. 

Use this form to get paid back for “approved” money you spend on behalf of the club. If you have a budget that has been approved by the Executive Board (EB), any expenses within those amounts will be automatically approved and paid. If there is not an approved budget line, then the expense will need to be approved by the EB during the next monthly meeting before any reimbursement will be paid. Checks can be requested to yourself of any member or non-member of the club. Please allow 1 week if you need a check issued for a vendor rather than you paying and being reimbursed for approved expenses. (Room rental, event supplies, etc)
-Fill in Name of person/ business to be paid, date request made, SHW Member Y / N, email, address.
-Fill in items purchased, cost, and if there is a receipt attached. (If it is for something to be purchased, put NO and turn in receipt / invoice when purchased)
– Fill in reason for purchase, and approved budget item you think it is under (Please do not fill in below line.

SHW Check Request Form

SHW Batch Deposit Form (1)