Winemaking Package for Sale: Looking for Passionate Winemaker

Home winemaker Aaron Fein writes SHW:

“Hi! I’ve been a home winemaker since 2000. Over that time I’ve accumulated quite a bit of equipment and tools for everything from picking to fermentation to bottling to storage. That said, I’m ready to retire my tools of the trade. I’m looking for an eager person that would be interested in picking these up from my home in Petaluma. The individual I’m looking for must take it all and understand there is one very big caveat. That is, they must pay it forward to another person when they have chosen to stop making wine.”

2 macro bins 1/2 ton
1 – 3/4 fermentation bin
various carboy glass containers 8gal, 5 gal, 3 gal
wine thief
used barrel and barrel rack
hand crank stemmer/crusher
picking bins
pruning tools
Bottle tree

Minimum offer $300.

Interested?  Contact Aaron Fein directly at

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