Wine fermenter and storage tanks (all wine/food grade)

5x Flextank Ecotank 70gal tanks (1/2 ton).  Comes with sample mix/match of sample valve/thermowell/1.5″ sanitary flange.  Good condition. Maturation weight for aging compatibility. Some lids need new seal.  $200ea.

1x Flextank Pallet with Lug.  Fits either/both Dexter or Ecotank.  $150ea.

1x Oenotank 100gal (~1/2 ton) fermenter (manufactured in Aus, marketed/sold by Flextank).  $100ea

1x Bonar insulated bin with lid and 2″ sanitary flange.  Comes with 2″ SS ball valve (with clamp and seal).  Good for picking or water bath to cool fermentation in tank or as large fermenter (1+ ton fruit).  $250ea

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