Announcement from Sacramento Home Winemakers Vice President Fayne Boyd-Katz:

Ciao everyone!

For the October 21, 2020 program we will be presenting an old time club favorite, “Gadgets & Innovations”, but with a bit of a twist.

With your help, we’d like interested members to record a short video or a photo montage showcasing a favorite gadget or an innovation you utilize during your harvest or your winemaking activities. Your video or photos will be featured at our October 21, 2020, Zoom meeting where you will be able to explain/narrate your invention/adaptation and answer any questions.

I’m sure we’ve got some amateur movie producers or photographers out there wanting to show off your wine making gadgets and innovations especially while they’re in use.

Please forward your short video or photos to me soon! Reach me by email at or text/call 916 759-6271.