We have created a process whereby a user (you), can look up grape sources for specific varieties of grapes that have been available to home winemakers in our area in past years. In addition, there is a new form for users to input their interest in Buying or Selling specific grape varieties. The resultant table displays a searchable list of records for interested buyers and/or sellers for most grape varieties.

Just a few things you need to know before you begin:

1. You must be an Active SHW Member and logged in to https//:sachomewine.com  in order to have access to the Grape Interest Form and Grape Source Table. Access is by linked buttons at the bottom of the Member Resources page 

2. The Grape Interest Form can be used with a computer, tablet or a smart phone.

3. If you enter a record using the Grape Interest Form, you cannot remove it yourself. If you wish it removed, email the Administrator at  grapes@sachomewine.com 

4. The Grape Source Table is only usable on a computer, as it contains a layout with many fields shown as the columns in a spreadsheet. This does not show well on an iPhone, or a small tablet screen.

It’s strongly suggested that you download the full instructions at this LINK.

Take a look… and let us know if there are any glitches, “bugs”, or other issues. Contact us at grapes@sachomewine.com