The July 8 workshop. Preventing, Identifying and Fixing Wine Faults. is the last in a 3-part series on sensory identification for winemakers. You need not have attended the previous two workshops to receive full benefit from this session.

In this seminar we will cover the most common faults that affect home winemakers including oxidation, volatile acidity, sulfides and microbial spoilage    We will start with tasting affected wines to learn how to identify the problem and then learn techniques you can use to treat the wine and correct the issue.   Most importantly, we will discuss the proper cellar skills you can use to avoid these issues in the first place.  As always, there will be lots of time for Q&A and you are welcome to bring any problem wines that you have for Pat to diagnose.  

Register for the July 8 workshop early! Space is limited and the two previous workshops filled up quickly. Bring 4 wine glasses for your use and a potluck lunch dish. To register and for more details, click here.