A message from SHW President, Robert Wharton…

This past Saturday I took advantage of the opportunity to help prune at the Wolfskill Experimental Orchards. It was a beautiful day, the song birds were active, and I’m working in a vineyard…a great way to unwind from my typically hectic work week.

While I was able to prune 45-50 vines in my six-hour stint, there are still hundreds more vines which need to be pruned. You can help prune starting at 9:00 a.m. weekdays (23-27 March) and 8:00 a.m. next Saturday (28 March). If you can count to one and know your left from your right, you are qualified. They will train you on the spot as to how to prune the vines. It’s not a race, everyone works at their own pace.

The vineyard is located at 4334 Putah Creek Road, Winters 95694. Drive down their tree-lined driveway, zig right then left around the building and park on your right under the olive trees. You will see vineyards in front of and behind you. If you have a favorite pair of loppers and work gloves, take them. Please leave your hand clippers at home as you cannot use them due to liability issues. Take a sack lunch if you plan to stay through the lunch hour (I ate my lunch while pruning vines). A good hat, sunscreen and lots of water is highly recommended. There is a porta potty there on site. They have loppers to use should you not have a pair or want to use yours.

Please drop an email to John Preece (John.Preece@ars.usda.gov) to let him know you are coming and on which day (they like to know when non-employees will be on the property).

Here is the link to the email blast sent out previously.