Partners: UC Davis and SHW

As home winemakers, we benefit from University of California Davis (UCD)’s enology and viticulture programs but there’s more to UCD than growing grapes and making wine! UCD’s prowess in academics, research and development, and medicine is unmatched and we in the greater Sacramento area are direct recipients. Such advancements go further when the community gets involved and donations are a highly visible way to show support. Please consider gifting a bottle of your wines to each of the two events below. Your generosity is appreciated!

TASTE is an annual fundraising wine, food, and arts event at the Robert Mondavi Institute on the UCD Davis campus and this year’s beneficiary is the UCD Student Farm. SHW is proud to again be invited to pour and showcase members’ wines at this October 15 evening (SHW’s table is aligned with invited commercial wineries and breweries). Club member Seth Brunner will be at this Wednesday’s meeting to receive your donated wines (be sure to label your bottles). Learn more about the event here.

Member Christi DeLemos is the Chief of Advanced Practice at UC Davis Health and is excited to include “farm to table” homemade wines along with commercial wines at their fundraiser. Christi will also be at Wednesday’s meeting to receive your wine donations. Christi writes:

“Dear Wine Club friends,

I am helping to organize a fundraising event to benefit UC Davis Health Advanced Practice education and scholarship fund. The fundraiser wall of wine event will be held during Advanced Practice week to celebrate our advanced practice team. I am reaching out hoping that you might be willing to partner with us by donating a bottle of wine. The wall of wine event consists of a goal of 75 donated bottles of wine and an artistic display.

Our guests are invited to make a $25 donation and return for a blind pull, where they can choose from a commercial or “farm to table” homemade wines. This is a HUGE revenue source for the Advanced Practice education and scholarship fund and we are always grateful to individuals that are willing to partner and donate to us. All donations will be recognized with a poster displaying names of donors. 

I am hoping that you will donate a labeled bottle of wine that we can use for the event. Every wine pull means an opportunity to educate an Advanced Practice provider and improve the care that we deliver. I hope that you will show your support and make scholarships toward education a reality for us. 

Thank you and cheers, 

Christi DeLemos”