Must and Juice for Sale: Various Varieties – St. Jorge Winery (Lodi)

St. Jorge Winery in Lodi has must and juice available to home winemakers in the upcoming harvest.

Crushed or pressed grapes will have initial SO2 additions and no other adjustments. Each lot will have lab numbers included. Buyers will have a 2 day window during cold soak or settling on each lot to pick up their order. Luke Laubaugh, St. Jorge Winery’s winemaker, will be available on a limited basis during pick up times to answer questions on each lot.

Minimum purchase is 5 gallons. Buyers bring their own containers.

Some numbers to help you calculate your quantities:
10 lbs per gallon must
gallons must x 0.6 = gallons finished red wine.
gallons juice x 0.8 = gallons finished white wine.

Below are the varieties available and prices per gallon:
Alicante Bouschet $9.00 (must)
Tempranillo $9.00 (must)
Tinta Cão $9.00 (must)
Souzao $11.00 (must)
Trincadeira $9.00 (must)
Touriga Nacional $10.00 (must)
Barbera $9.00 (must)
Malbec $9.00 (must)
Verdelho $12.00 (juice)
Rosé $12.00 (juice)

Contact directly Luke Laubaugh at (719) 237-4323 or

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