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May 19 Meeting (Zoom) – Submit Your Wine for Evaluation

Non-Bordeaux red wines still being accepted for evaluation for the May 19 SHW meeting. Deadline for registering wines is Monday, May 10th.  Contact Chief Judge Donna Bettencourt at or (916) 548-3199.

We still have room for 5-6 non-Bordeaux red wines to be evaluated by fellow members and our guest evaluators, Luke Laubaugh and JohnTroiano.  Two bottles are required of winemakers along with the wine evaluation form.

Four reasons to have your wine evaluated:

1.  You are very proud of your wine, but just want to make sure there isnothing else you can do before you enter it in competitions.

2.  There is something “off” in the wine, but you can’t figure out what it is.

3.  You have some very important decisions to make before bottling and youneed feedback.

4.  Your wine is really bad, but you want to know what you can dodifferently next harvest.

These are all very good reasons, and are all reasons why I have had my wines evaluated at SHW meetings.  We all wish we could be together and work the room with our wines and learn from fellow members, but we are not there yet.  Soon though; stay tuned.

So, contact Donna Bettencourt and make arrangements to deliver two 750ml bottles of your non-Bordeaux red wine to her.  All members who register for the evaluation will receive a sample of your wine so that we can all learn from our guest evaluators, and from each other.