May 18 SHW Meeting – Non-Bordeaux Red Evaluations and Updated Website Features

If you’ve been ignoring your wines in the cellar, this is a good time to give them some spring love.

2021 Reds. Pop off the bungs on your 2021 wines: check the levels, smell and taste, and think about moving your young wines to the next step. Get your newer non-Bordeaux reds evaluated at the May 18 meeting by winemaker Chik Brenneman who is also co-owner of Baker Family Wines. Thief two 750ml bottles to bring to the meeting. What are “non-Bordeaux” reds? For this purpose, it’s just about any red wine that’s NOT cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc, petit verdot or malbec.

2022 Harvest. After your spring cellar assessment, you’ll be thinking about what you’d like to make in the upcoming harvest that’s 3-4 months away, yes? Yes! SHW web guru Jim Garrett kicks off the meeting with a website update overview focusing on the new feature that makes it easy to find grapes to buy, and sell, and organize group buys.

Your Best. So, after the dust settles in your cellar, you’re smiling at your best wines. It might be hard to let go but they want to run the race in the upcoming SHW Jubilee Wine Competition. Only one 750 ml bottle is required for entry. Even if you have a wine that you haven’t embraced, give it a chance to shine. The first entry is free. The Jubilee cellar master will be accepting your Jubilee entries at the May 18 meeting (in the back parking lot before 7pm; upstairs inside after the meeting starts). Pssst…we hear that last year’s Jubilee Best of Show winners, Larry and Beth Carducci, are hoping to defend their title…just sayin’…