Did you make a non-Bordeaux variety red wine last fall (2023)? Bring samples of the wine to the meeting and let’s check it out! The meeting’s guest evaluator is Kevin Luther, winemaker and owner of Lucid and Voluptuary wineries in Sacramento.

Below is the wine evaluation protocol:

  • bring two 750 ml or equivalent bottles of your wine that you would like evaluated. Clearly identify the wine samples with your name and variety or blend. If bringing more than one wine for evaluation, we’ll discuss one wine from each wine maker first, and if time permits, we’ll evaluate the winemaker’s second wine. Check in your wines with the meeting’s Cellar Master (near the bar).
  • complete the Wine Evaluation Form. Remember to email the form to VP Byron Froman so that he can flash up your wine’s stats as your wine is discussed;
  • Remove any capsules or wax from the bottles. If bottling shortly before the meeting, don’t add sulfites to the wine samples that you’re bringing in; and
  • be prepared to talk about your wine.

For all attending the meeting, please bring two wine glasses for your use. Meeting starts at 7 pm upstairs at the Turn Verein located at 3349 J Street in Sacramento.

Questions? Contact VP Byron Froman at befroman@gmail.com