Jubilee Picnic and Awards Party 2021 – Sunday, October 10

The 2021 Jubilee wine competition will be Saturday, October 9 and the Jubilee Picnic will be Sunday, October 10 …mark your calendars!

The Picnic will be at Judy Pinegar’s Back Yard and Barn as in past years.  Location will be shared when you sign up. The picnic will begin at 1 PM with the main course planned for service at 2 PM.

The wine competition results will be revealed at the Picnic. Wines from the competition will be available for tasting, including the Golds and Best of Shows.  Some years we’ve have 190 bottles for tasting!! 

The club will provide BBQ (smoked) meat (boneless beef rib roast and rolled herbed domestic lamb), chili beans, French bread, and lots of water.

Please bring a dish to share at the potluck – appetizer, salad, entrée, or dessert – according to the following based of the first letter of your last name: A – G = Appetizer / Salad; H –O = Entrée; and P– Z = Dessert. Your guests should bring a dish also so that there’s enough food for all.

Remember to bring your own wine glasses.

For those of you who are new to the event, Judy’s place has 2 ½ acres with room to explore nature in the fall. Judy has a few lawn chairs available but attendees should bring their own lawn chairs, blankets, or whatever to comfortably sit on the lawn under the trees.

The event is great fun, lawn games will be available, and the party sometimes goes until dark… so plan on making a day of it!  Children, guests and pets (only if they are friendly to other pets / humans) are welcome!  Enjoy responsibly and please adhere to public health protocol for the comfort of everyone.

Use the link at bottom of this post to register and pay for the Jubilee Picnic.  Members are $5 per person (up to 2 persons), guests are $10 per person, and children under 13 years of age are free.  Space is limited so sign up soon! 

Wonder how your wines stack up against your peers?  Enter your wines into this year’s Jubilee wine competition.  The first entry is free, additional entries are only $8 each (only one 750 ml bottle needed).  Enter as many wines as you’d like.  Entries close on September 15, 2021. See here for the details.

Register for the Jubilee Picnic here.