In Case You Missed It

The Club has been sharing lots of info with you in the blog. At times, there’s more than one new blog post per send-out so read past the first item in the notification. Here’s the latest of what’s been going on at SHW:

May 13 Zoom about gasses – curious about how gasses can help preserve wines or add interesting carbonation? See what some members are doing to their wines – gasses and equipment and why – in this casual 1 hour chat.

May 19 SHW Meeting (Zoom) – get your 2020 red wines evaluated (non-Bordeaux varieties) and also reserve samples of these wines for tasting during the May 19 meeting.

Group Cork Buy – SHW member Kevin Lemay is coordinating a cork buy from ACIC. Orders must by received by May 20.

Amador County Fair’s Homemade Wine Competition wine entry deadline is May 31, 2021 not March 31 as previously posted. We’ve organized 2021 home / amateur wine competitions on a page located in the right column of SHW’s web pages.

April 21 Meeting – Matt DiVisconte with Lodi Wine Labs injected viewers with a mega-dose of yeast chemistry plus shared some of the amazing things newer yeasts can do. Hear and see the meeting’s audio-only recording, Matt’s PowerPoint slides, and recording of the Zoom meeting:

Still have too many lemons in your life? Below are a few limoncello recipes from the March 21 Zoom:

Joe and Lynne McGilivray’s Limoncello Recipe and Process in PowerPoint: MAKING LEMONCELLO lynne edit.pptx – Google Drive