For several harvests, SHW members have participated in a group buy of Cabernet Franc from Clos du Lac in Loomis.

Ken Ueltzen, Clos du Lac Harvest Coordinator shares this year’s harvest plans:

I looked back on the calendar and September 11 was in the window for Cab Franc harvest on the upper side of Clos du Lac for the past 3 years. Mark your calendars for Saturday, Sept 11, 2021 as our tentative harvest date, all subject to having the grapes fully ripened in that time frame. With the help of some community volunteers, I will also have my destemmer available on harvest day for you to run your grapes through, after weighing in. Note: this may require some patience, as many people wanted this last year. The grapes are $0.75 lb. picked.

With public health gathering restrictions being lowered, we are planning a wine event the evening before, September 10 at 6pm, in the Clos du Lac commons area. The plan is for you to bring wine to share and we will do some blind tasting, eventually picking out the most favorite wine.

Please respond to me directly on how many pounds of Cab Franc you would like to reserve for this season and if you want to participate in the wine event, the evening of Sept 10th: