Grape Pruning Opportunity – Wolfskill Experimental Orchards

The USDA germplasm repository at Wolfskill in Winters (near Davis) has an emergency need for people to help prune its grape collection. There are over 3000 varieties of grapes there.

John E. Preece, Ph.D. Supervisory Research Leader at USDA National Clonal Germplasm Repository writes:

“…Normally, we hire a contractor to prune the grape collection at Wolfskill. We just learned that the contractor suddenly lost his crew to another contractor who offered them a higher wage. That makes it impossible to work another contractor through the system in time to get the grapes pruned in March.

We do not have enough staff to prune the grapes properly, so really could use your help, as well as any friends who would like to pitch in.

Since many people work during the week, we are going to set aside Saturday, March 21 as a grape pruning day.

Also, if you are available and can make it to Wolfskill on weekdays, we can use you.  It is a big job, there are about 150 rows and the more of you that can help us, the better chance that we can get them all pruned.

This is also a good chance to learn a lot about grapes.

If you are interested, please email me, so we get a count, can get volunteer forms together, and I can give you better details about what to bring, etc.

In advance, we really appreciate any help that you can provide.”

John Preece’s email is:

Please let him know that you’re with Sacramento Home Winemakers.

More about Wolfskill Experimental Orchards can be found at


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