Folsom Lake College – Enology Course

Folsom Lake College (FLC) offers a associate degree in Small Vineyard and Winery Management and also a certificate in Small Winery Marketing.

VITI 308 Fruit to Wine – Enology, may be of particular interest to home winemakers as the course entails the production of wine making from grapes and other fruit plus students also make wine in the course. VITI 308 is offered at FLC’s El Dorado Center in Placerville this fall with the semester starting August 21. More information can be found at FLC’s website.

VITI 308 Fruit to Wine – Enology

Hours: 36 hours LEC; 54 hours LAB
Prerequisite: None.
Transferable:Course Transferable to UC/CSU
Enrollment Limitations: Must be 21 years of age.
This course is an introduction to the science of wine production from grapes and other fruits to the bottle. Topics covered include the history of wine production; grape varieties and wine types; influence of climate and soil; wine fermentation including assessment of wine qualities, handling, racking, aging, bottling, wine disorders and remedies; and legal compliance. The production of fruit wines may also be covered. Some labs involve local field trips. A lab fee will be assessed to cover the costs of grapes and bottling. Students will have the opportunity to take wine home with them made during the semester.

Thanks to member Ron Caldwell for sharing this resource.