Flextank Group Buy

From the Flextank website:  “Flextank offers products that currently aid in producing award-winning wines, ciders, meads and spirits throughout the world, and are engineered to provide all barrel functions for maturation and storage, with extreme space and cost saving benefits over other vessels. Flextanks and accessories give you controlled oxygen permeation and flavor control necessary to create your next great beverage.”

SHW also has several club members who use flextanks and would be happy to discuss their experiences. 

With this in mind, Flextank is offering Sacramento Home Winemaker members a 15% discount on the 15 Gallon and 30 Gallon (ECO15 and ECO30) Flextanks if we are able to order 10 or more units in total. 

The Flextanks on offer can be viewed here:  https://flextank.com/products/Eco-Tanks-c43974312

You can also peruse their website, or view testimonials here: https://flextank.com/testimonials/

And here is link to a more technical comparative study of the performance of a 15-gallon Flextank vs a 15-gallon oak barrel over 24 months, conducted by Daniel Pambianchi. 

If you are interested in buying a Flextank, please email SHW member Marco Sguazzin at marco.sguazzin@gmail.com to let know which product you’d like and how many within the next 7 days so he can consolidate our volume and discuss with the Flextank vendor.  If we are successful in making the group buy, your orders will still be processed and shipped individually.