Heads up! We’ve made some changes to the Club’s equipment rental program and details will be available on the website soon. The big pic:

  • Equipment available for rent: destemmer-crusher, basket press, scale, filter, bottle filler, and corker.
  • Rental fees: no fee to rent equipment but a deposit is required. The deposit is refundable when the equipment is returned cleaned with no missing parts, in working condition, and on time.
  • Eligibility: renters must be Club members who are certified in the use and care of the Club’s equipment. A short training session that results in this certification is a part of the Winemaking 101 workshop on Saturday, August 5. (You don’t have to take WM 101, unless you want to, to get certified.) Please contact WM 101 Coordinator Joe McGillivray at pyramidlake59@gmail.com to make arrangements.
  • If you would like to volunteer to manage a piece of equipment or have equipment questions, please contact Equipment Coordinator Byron Froman at befroman@gmail.com.

Watch for the details!