Group Buys

Cork Group Buy

Sacramento Home Winemakers is planning an ACIC cork group buy.  The corks are available in 500 count bags.  Previously we were able to get 250 count bags, but the size is no longer available.  If smaller quantities are needed, please find a friend to split the bag.  Corks should be used within 6 months, however, some wine makers have kept the corks longer without any issues.  The bags are sealed and filled with SO2 gas.

Two types of corks will be offered:

44 x 23.5 Naturtop A grade technical corks (1+1)  –  $63/500 count bag + sales tax & shipping

45 x 24 AC-3 grade natural corks, LPN1 light wash – $149/500 count Bag + sales tax & shipping

For comparison, based on splitting a 1000 count bag at More Wine, the price would be $95 for the 1+1 and $190 for the grade 3 corks, so this is a significant savings.

Note: Prices do NOT include sales tax and shipping.  Final price will be determined when the order is placed with ACIC.

Please place your cork orders here.  All orders need to be received by Thursday, May 20th.  Cork orders should be available to pick up from Kevin Lemay approximately 2 – 3 weeks after the order has been placed. This group buy is available to SHW members only.

We will notify you of the final price once the invoice is received from ACIC.  You agree to pay for all corks that you order. 

Please contact Kevin Lemay with questions regarding this group buy: