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2021 Enartis Handbook

Enartis makes enological products including yeasts, enzymes, tannins, fining agents, and just about anything else that can be added to enhance wines in the making. Their newly released 2021 handbook is jammed with descriptors and applications for their products. Download a copy.

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Wine Barrel Care Guide for Home Winemakers

The Beverage People, Sonoma County’s one-stop wine making and all things fermentation supply store has updated their Wine Barrel Care Guide for Home Winemakers.  The 2021 publication covers what’s needed so that your barrels continue to help you make good wines even after years of use.  The guide’s topics include hydration, pH balance, cleaning, and…

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Got Pests?

Be proactive this year and don’t let your vineyard get out of control. SHW member Paul Baldwin, who has been farming for a long time, brought to our attention one of the most complete resources on pest management. What pests, you ask? Just about anything that can damage your vines and berries including insects, nematodes,…

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Oak Product for Smoke Taint

Being a member of SHW has many benefits including ordering StaVin oak additives at cost in smaller quantities.  If you think your pride and joy has been exposed to smoke taint, StaVin has developed a new product.  Please note that SHW is not endorsing this product but advising the Club of it.  The Club’s resident…

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Videos for July 15, 2020 Meeting: Scott Harvey Series

Scott Harvey of Scott Harvey Wines shares a series of videos demonstrating techniques for determining and adjusting levels of components in wine.  Viewing these videos is helpful for the July 15, 2020 SHW meeting webinar “Adjusting pH in Wine” featuring Scott Harvey and the winery’s assistant winemaker Mollie Haycock. The upcoming Scott Harvey webinar requires…