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Powdery Mildew and Other Pests

Powdery mildew issues? SHW Vineyard Guru Paul Baldwin directs us to the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) Integrated Pest Managment (IPM) Program. This on-line resource is loaded with information for managing pests in just about any outdoor environment – agriculture, natural, and home. Go to this link for all you’ve wanted to…

Yeast Recommendation Charts

Harvest 2021 is hitting it’s stride! Still not sure which yeast to use? Maybe these yeast charts can help. Winemaker Magazine – Yeast Strains Chart – The Beverage People – Yeast Recommendations Guide – Wine Yeast Overview | The Beverage People Scott Labs – Scott Labs Yeast Choosing Guide – Scott Labs

Wine Barrel Care Guide for Home Winemakers

The Beverage People, Sonoma County’s one-stop wine making and all things fermentation supply store has updated their Wine Barrel Care Guide for Home Winemakers.  The 2021 publication covers what’s needed so that your barrels continue to help you make good wines even after years of use.  The guide’s topics include hydration, pH balance, cleaning, and…


Got Pests?

Be proactive this year and don’t let your vineyard get out of control. SHW member Paul Baldwin, who has been farming for a long time, brought to our attention one of the most complete resources on pest management. What pests, you ask? Just about anything that can damage your vines and berries including insects, nematodes,…