For Sale: Winemaking Items, Fermenters and More

6X20 gal. Brute fermenters with lids $10. Each2X32 gal. fermenters, one white and one Brute, with lids $15. Each1X44 gal. Brute fermenter with lid $15. Each7X5 gal. (22 qt) white plastic buckets with lids $5. Each7 large furniture movers with plywood inserts $10. Each1X5 gal. glass carboy $5. Each24 plastic airlocks with one-hole stoppers $15….

For Sale: Wine Making Items

Handheld capsule shrinker $100 Wine barrel racking wand (stainless, curved, adjustable) $100 Walk-in refrigeration unit (just the box, no cooling system). Roughly 7’Hx6.5’Wx8’L Tongue and groove insulated panels with hooking connectors, steel floor in two parts, large door. Back panel has openings for the cooling system. $700 Contact Matt at (916) 833-4214.

For Sale: Wine Making Equipment and Items

Wine making equipment and items for sale: Hanna pHep meter (HI 98128) $55 Floor corker $55 15 gallon Sanke keg (count: 8) $15/ea 7.5 gallon Sanke style keg (count: 3) $10/ea 5 gallon Cornelius keg (count: 2) $5/ea 15 gallon keg with bung on side (count: 9) $5/ea 5 gallon glass carboy (count: 14) $5/ea…

For Sale: Winemaking Equipment and Items – Single Lot

Wine making items for sale by single lot: Food grade 32 gallon cans (2)5 gallon plastic carboys (3)5 gallon glass carboy (1)3 gallon plastic carboy (1)Aluminum crush paddleHand held corkerBottle drying rackBottle of Iodine washCorks (50+)4 cases of wine bottlesFunnelStrainerHydrometerThiefSyphonAcid test kitSO2 powderHome Winemaking for Dummies book All for $120 Contact Jim Reichert at 916-214-3760…

For Sale: Fermenters, Carboys, Bottle Tree

Getting more grapes than you planned on? Need some carboys or a fermenter? 32 Gallon Brute fermenter w/ lid, 10 g measured must container w/ lid, four 5 gal Better Bottle carboys, one 6 gal Better Bottle carboy, one 5 gal glass, one 6 gal glass, one bottle draining tree. Your choice $10 each. Call…