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Grapes for Sale: Petite Sirah and Cabernet Franc, Lincoln

Grower establishing young vineyard has grapes for sale.  Vineyard is located in Lincoln.  Petite sirah vines are 3 years old and cabernet franc vines are 2 years old. On August 25, both varieties were at 23 degrees brix. Petite sirah pH was at 3.41 and cab franc pH was at 3.58. Inquire for quantity, pricing,…

Grapes for Sale: Cabernet Sauvignon – Granite Bay, Placer County

2000 lbs. of Cabernet Sauvignon for sale in Granite Bay. Self-pick, no minimum, crusher-destemmer available on-site for use free. Contact grower for grape price information; discount price is available for a larger order. Cabernet Sauvignon harvest time is on September 18-19 weekend. Contact grower:Jane at 530 219 1649 or xjmouse1@yahoo.com.