Call for Nominations – 2022 Executive Board

The November 17 meeting finds us armchair traveling to Greece and exploring Greek wines. This is also the Club’s annual meeting when the incoming year’s Executive Board is elected.

The SHW Board of Directors (BOD) is currently accepting nominations for 2022 board positions as identified below. Per the Club’s by-laws he BOD presents the slate of nominees at the October meeting ahead of the November meeting election. Nominations are also accepted from the floor at the November meeting prior to the election.

Volunteering to serve on the Executive Board is a generous way to give back to the Club. Board members don’t wing it alone – support comes from the BOD (4 past + sitting presidents), appointed positions, and standing and ad hoc committees. Board participation is an opportunity to strengthen your resume and gain opportunities in organizational and management skills.

Job descriptions for board and appointed positions are on the SHW website. The 2022 Executive Board positions are:

President – position is elected annually.

Vice President – position is elected annually and can be shared with another member.

Secretary – this position is not up for election. The Secretary is elected for a 2-year term and the current Secretary’s term will be serving his second year in 2022.

Treasurer – position is elected for a 2-year term.

Membership Chair – position is elected annually and can be shared with another member.

Member at Large – position is elected annually with up to 5 members at large positions serving on the board simultaneously.

Get involved and help shape your home wine making club! If you’re interested in running for an office or would like to nominate a member please call / text BOD Chair Fred Millar at 916 576-9596.