Events Calendar 2021

PLEASE NOTE: due to public health concerns, SHW’s general meetings and Executive Board meetings will be held virtually until further notice.

General Meetings are on the 3rd Wednesdays of the month (unless otherwise noted) at the Turn Verein Hall located at 3349 J Street, Sacramento starting at 7 PM.  Bring 2 wine glasses for your use unless otherwise noted.

Executive Board meetings are on the first Wednesdays of the month starting at 7 PM; locations vary.  Contact President Robert Wharton for more info: 


January 6, 2021 – Executive Board Meeting via Zoom.  All members are welcome.  

January 20, 2021 – General Meeting via Zoom: Alison Crowe.  WineMaker magazine’s Wine Wizard answers your questions. 

February 3 – Executive Board Meeting via Zoom.  All members are welcome. 

February 19 – General Meeting via Zoom: 2019 White and Rosé Wines Evaluation.  Don’t bottle yet!  Get your 2020 white and rose wines evaluated and receive recommendations so that they’ll be at their best before finishing.  More details in this blog item.  Please use this wine evaluation form

March 3 – Executive Board Meeting via Zoom.  All members welcome.  

March 17 – General Meeting via Zoom: Oak and Finishing.  Guest speaker: Elizabeth Tangney, Director of Viticulture and Winemaking at Cornell Vineyards. Elizabeth guides us through oak, finishing, gasses, and knowing when to bottle.

March 21 – Learn to Make Limoncello via Zoom.  Spend an hour of your Sunday afternoon learning to make limoncello and other citrus-based cellos.  We’ll share formulas and recipes.  Watch for the blog notification.

April 7 – Executive Board Meeting via Zoom.  All members welcome.  

April 21 – General Meeting via Zoom: Yeasts. Guest speaker – Matt DiVisconte, Lodi Wine Labs.  Matt’s presentation shares all that you’ve wanted to know about wine yeasts.  Get the Zoom invitation from Gin:

May 5 – Executive Board Meeting via Zoom.  All members welcome.  

May 19 – Red Wine Evaluations (Non-Bordeaux varieties).  By now, your 2020 reds are quietly ageing in your cellar so let’s taste them!  Details to follow.

June 16 – General Meeting via Zoom: Corks.  Guest speaker – Russ Warren, ACIC Corks and Closures.  Learn about how corks are made and the different types of corks to meet your bottling needs.

June 23 – Learn About Vinegar.  Guest speaker:  Brian Alderson.  Learn to make vinegar from wine (intentionally) and to avoid cross-contamination in your cellar.  Members only.

July 21 – General Meeting: Get Ready for Harvest.  Bob Peak guides us through the wine making processes and readying our cellars for the upcoming harvest.  Bob is a consultant for WineMaker magazine, former owner of The Beverage People, and seasoned home wine maker, brewer, and fermenter.

Mid-Summer – Fruit Wine Making.  Learn to make wine out of fruit.  Watch for announcements for this limited-number in-person workshop.  Members only.  Location:  Loomis.

July 31  – Winemaking 101.  This half-day workshop is designed for the beginning and novice winemaker.  Learn the steps for making dry wine, needed equipment and supplies, and winemaking timetable (winemakers don’t go on vacation during harvest).  Open to public.  Details to follow.

Summer – Winemaking 102.  You’ve made your first vintage and now wondering what to do next?  This informal session answers your questions and guides you through the next steps.

August 18 – General Meeting:  Wine Styles – Old World, New World . Guest speaker Scott Harvey of Scott Harvey Wines spends an evening with us talking about the characteristics of both wine styles to help you decide which you prefer.   Tasting list to precede meeting.

When the Grapes Are Ready – New Winemakers Group Crush complements Winemaking 101 (above) and aspiring winemakers will get the details at WM 101.  Members only.

September 15 – General Meeting:  Red Wine Evaluations (Bordeaux Varieties).  Details TBA.

October 9 & 10 – Jubilee Wine Competition and Picnic.  Details to follow on this Club-exclusive wine competition and awards ceremony.

When the Apples Are Ripe – Learn to make hard apple cider.  Watch for blog notice for details on this focus group.  Members only.

October 20 – General Meeting:  Travelogue.  Share your wine discoveries (pre or post COVID-19)  no matter how far they are from home.  Deets to follow.

Autumn – Winemaking 201. Topic specific workshop for winemakers with 3-4 years of experience. Members only.

November 17 – General Meeting:  Desserts, Fruits, Fortifieds, and Sparklers Evaluation.  

December – no General Meeting.  Maybe a Holiday Party?